CSE 102

Full Sections and Overrides

Can I get an override into a full section?

We are terribly sorry, but there is absolutely no way that we can give overrides into full sections of CSE 102. The course model is one student: one computer, since the course is entirely "hands on". We can no more offer you an override into a full section than you can get a seat on an airplane that is already full. We can, however, make the following suggestions.

  1. Keep trying! This is a real-time system, just like airplane tickets, and seats open up every day.
  2. If you are already in the course and just want to change sections, keep trying Schedule through the end of drops/adds. Many openings occur even after classes start. Also be sure to use the swap option rather than drop. If you drop your enrollment, you may not be able to get back in.
  3. If you cannot get in the course, consider taking the course the following semester. Since sections are very full, it may be hard to get in, but see #1 above. As another alternative, consider taking the course next summer, when we generally have adequate seats available.
  4. Consider taking an equivalent course at a local school during the Summer. Go to our transfer credit page to find out more about how to check if a course taken at another school will be acceptable as a replacement for CSE 102.