CSE 102

CSE 102 Hourly Undergraduate Position Announcement

We are currently accepting applications for SPRING 2022.

Applicants should have the following qualifications:

Responsibilities include:

Starting pay is currently $10.00 per hour. The hours are somewhat flexible and are arranged to fit in with classes and other responsibilities. Applicants absolutely must be able to commit to at least 10 hours per week every week. Included in the 10 hours/week are mandatory staff meetings every Friday.

A typical first-semester employee will spend 4 hours in the class room, 2 hours in meetings, 2-4 hours doing prep work, and optionally 2 or more hours in help rooms or office work per week, as well as help with grading around exam times.

Interested? Read the following notes!

  1. This form is not an application for a Graduate Teaching Assistantship. Graduate Teaching Assistantships are assigned ONLY by Graduate Directors in the student's major department.
  2. Edit the application form linked below using the Mozilla Firefox web browser.
  3. Fill out all of the required data completely. Please use the comments section to explain any field that you cannot complete. For example: if you are still taking CSE 102 or 231 and do not have your final grade yet, please indicate in the comments section "I am currently taking CSE 102 or 231."
  4. Submit the completed form. Your application will be reviewed by the Course Coordinator and/or Instructors. If you meet the qualifications, you will then be contacted for an interview.

Still interested? Fill out the application for CSE 102 Undergraduate Hourly Position.